• A fire will cause major damage to your home 1 in 1200 *
• An accident that will totally destroy your car 1 in 240 *
• Time spent in a nursing home 1 in 3

You probably have homeowners or renters insurance. Yet the probability of encountering significant long term care expenses, better than 1 in 3, is the highest risk of all.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The biggest mistake is waiting. If you get insurance now, you can always cancel it at a later date. But if your health fails or if you have an unexpected need for long term care, you canít get insurance when you are already injured or ill. Lack of coverage is a mistake you cannot correct.

* "Long-term Care Insurance: Planners Stay on the Cutting Edge," Trusts & Estates, April 1996.
† "The New 104th Congress Brightens the Outlook for Long Term Care Insurance," HIU, February 1995.


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