No! Medicare does not cover more than 100 days of skilled nursing facility care.

Generally, Medicare covers only medically necessary care under Part A (Hospital Insurance) and Part B (Medical Insurance). In addition, you must meet certain conditions for Medicare to cover skilled nursing facilities, home health, and hospice care.

Medicare supplements and major medical health policies specifically exclude custodial care.

Medicare Nursing Home Qualifications:
• Three-day prior hospital stay
• Admitted to a nursing facility within 30 days after hospital stay
• Admitted for the same condition as hospital treatment
• Skilled services (not custodial) are required
• Medicare approved facility
• You must show improvement

Medicare Benefits*

First 20 days 100% coverage
21st - 100th day All but $128/day
After day 100 $0

*According to the Health Care Financing Administration, Medicare paid only 12% of all nursing home costs in 1999.

Medicaid is the government welfare program that covers the cost of nursing home care for the indigent. Qualification for Medicaid varies from state to state: Generally, assets must be "spent down" to an average of $2,000. At time of this website posting, the look-back period for transfer of assets is 60 months to an individual and 60 months to an irrevocable trust.


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