“I have lots of friends in the insurance business, but I chose Amy because I liked her approach. She is honest, and she made suggestions about what she thought I would need and should do—she never tried to ‘hard-sell’ me. She told me things I should already have known myself.”
Harold Rosen
President, Rosen Organization

“Long term care is starting to become a major problem with my customers—I have clients at the brokerage who have lost a lot of their wealth when they’ve gotten sick. So I knew I needed to look into insurance. Amy is soft-spoken and positive; there’s no hard sell there. There was no emotion involved—she just laid the cards out on the table and told me my options. It was all positive, and all for my benefit.”
Will Tickner
Broker/Financial Advisor

“I am a strong advocate for long term care insurance, because it’s really more important than insurance for your car or home. A long-term illness can wipe out your assets. Amy is very professional, and very committed to serving the customer. She doesn’t give up; she works with you until the situation is resolved to your satisfaction. She is easy to work with because she is not overbearing—she’s not trying to make a sale so much as she’s trying to serve a need. Amy will advise you, but she won’t push you. She really tries to accommodate you and your needs.”
Dr. Felix Gouizeta
Professor of Management and Finance, Retired

"I work in health care, so I know the necessity of long term care insurance. I’m 48, so I wanted to get the insurance now, while the premiums are low. Amy was very easy and comfortable to work with—she did a very good job of explaining all of the details. She was complete and concise, and she is very genuine and caring. I was very pleased with her.”
Marisa Leva
Occupational Therapist

“I’m getting to the age when long term care is something you have to think about. Amy responded to my inquiry on the Internet. I was impressed with her knowledge and her technique—she didn’t apply any pressure, and she got me to make the decision for myself, rather than making it for me. Amy does what she says she’s going to do.”
Richard Levin
Chairman of the Pennsylvania Private Investors Group


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